Piano Maestro's With Shelley


1. Water bottle

2. Every week their music bag with their books (They will be issued in class)

  1. Please ensure they have been to the toilet before class (age appropriately)

  2. Sanitise their hands – all ages

  3. Kinder Beat: Choose a mat to sit on with your child and explore the instruments provided. Piano Classes: Choose an instrument to play that is placed in the middle of the room.

  4. (Pre Kindy, Kindy & Piano Students) Choose a keyboard and place their water bottle, shoes and bag in the basket provided next to their keyboard.

  1. The address is 6 Miami Promenade, Iluka

  2. There is a huge carpark but please watch for cars as the afternoons are very busy with all the sport going on.

  3. As you enter the building pass the toilets on your right and turn left down the short corridor. The room is on the right. (Signage will be on the door)

  4. Doors open 5 minutes before the start of Kinder Beat and Group Piano Classes. AMEB Piano students please enter and find your theory workstations and work quietly for the 15 minutes while the current class finishes.

1. Baby Beats & Toddler Tunes Parents stay with their child throughout the class. Participate in as many activities as possible. You know your child best so let them guide you. Learning through exploration, participation and using as many senses as possible will result in the best learning outcome for your child.

2. Kindy Keys Parents please drop your child and say Goodbye promptly and then return 15 minutes before the end of class. PLEASE DON’T BE LATE! Your child will be waiting for you. (Not all children might be ready to be left for a kindy class so PLEASE only do this if your child is happy, settled and comfortable)

2. Piano Students please arrive for pickup 5 minutes before the end of class for sharing and Goodbye time

3. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for any questions.

As like anything, i.e. Reading and Writing if your child does not practice they can not improve, retain, learn or develop this new skill further.

Take the time to STOP and watch and listen to them play at least once a week. 

Children love to impress their loved ones and this encouragement is important in the early years of learning any new instrument.

If you get visitors, family or friends please encourage your child to play for them. This will improve your child’s confidence and also over time these guests will hear their progress.

Here is a guideline of what is expected at Piano Maestro’s with Shelley:

* Pre-Kindy / Kindy / Pre-Primary: Encourage playing / tinkering 2-3 times a week.

* Year 1 / Year 2: Encourage 5 minutes of playing 2-3 times a week (go through the pieces played in class)

* Year 3 / Year 4: By now if your child is still doing piano they are enjoying it. Their pieces are exciting and challenging. Encourage them to practice what has been asked and always feel free to try the next piece in the book.

* Year 5 onwards: Your child should be playing something everyday. Their pieces will be longer, they will have scales and warm up exercises so a lot to keep them busy throughout the week!

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