Piano Maestro's With Shelley

Pre-Primary to Year 3 Piano Class

Piano Lessons For Primary School Children


4 to 5 pupils per class

During a class we will cover theory of music. This helps children grasp the concepts of piano (like the alphabet of music) We will start at the very beginning and work our way through to more complex concepts. Even if your child joins in a different term we revise the concepts as repetition and practice reinforces these unfamiliar concepts.

We start with a Hello song, either playing our drums or another instruments that conveys a steady beat. The children get a chance to choose the movement that they would like to do with their instrument.

  1. We have Piano Exploration and one-on-one time. I will listen to what the children have been practicing or struggling with and also have the opportunity to teach them new pieces. While some of the children are playing on the keyboards, others are writing notes and rhythms on white boards.

  2. We then have another movement activity exploring different instruments and rhythms. (These could be recorders, glockenspiels, wooden or metal instruments).

  3. Every week a new concept is taught or revised about music. We then play a musical game to help reinforce the musical concepts. (e.g. Forte / piano musical dynamics which mean loud and soft).

  4. Our parents then join us 5 minutes before the end of class for sharing time. Your child will show you what they have been learning and i will share the musical concept of the week.

  5. A goodbye game and song is sung to end the class.

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